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1. Trying to explain how much I miss you, is like trying to count all the
    stars in the sky. Impossible…

2. U may have broken my heart but i still love u! Why isn’t there anyone
    Else like u that love me  and cares enough not to break my heart…

3. One day you are going to wake up and realize that you really are a
    jackass and the world does not revolve around you.

4. Love is never suppose to hurt and if your love causes you
    any pain, then it isn’t  real love.Remember we only live once, free
    yourself and enjoy your life.

5. I miss u.. I never thought i could miss someone so much.. but i
    guess God took u away to make me stronger.. I love u and u will
    AWAYS have a place in my heart.

6. People say the longer someone is gone, the easier it gets.
    Truth is, the longer they’re gone, the more you miss them and  
    the more it hurts.

7. I just wish I could take my Heart out of my chest and set it on a
    shelf when no one wanted it so that way it could hurt without me
    feeling the pain.

8. If something ended, don’t be sad. Simply turn the page, because
    you never know what is awaiting you in the next chapter.

9. We may be miles apart but just look up above us… We’re just
    under one sky..One sun, one moon and our hearts beating
    as one..I love you so much.

10. A person never forget two faces.. First who helps him/her in critical
    situation And Second who left him/her in critical situation.. This is
    Truth of life.

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About sharmakamal

I am kamal sharma.I graduated from AMITY university, Delhi which is among the top five universities.Singing and Swimming in the spare time are my favorite.
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