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1. The only way to accept an insult is to ignore it. If you cant
   ignore it, than top it. If you cant top it, then laugh at it.
   If you cant laugh, you deserved it.

2. Being alone gives you the opportunity to learn to like yourself.
   If you don’t like yourself, then how can you ever expect anyone
   else to ever like you?

3. There is a difference in being alone and feeling alone…I may not
   BE alone right now but I FEEL very alone…

4. I fall asleep thinking of you.  Dreaming of things I wish were
   true.  As I wake I shed a tear, cause I awake with out you here.

5. The reason I text you is because i miss you,The reason I don’t text
   you is because I’m waiting for you to miss me…

6. Minutes=Moments, Moments=Memories, Memories=Times well spent.
   Every minute with u was a moment turned to a memory i will never forget.

7. You hate me? so what I’m still living rent free in your mind loser!!

8. I can smile 2 hide the sadness and laugh 2 hide the tears, but I’ll
   never stop missing u and wishing u were here.

9. Women are like iPhones. You have to touch them all
   over before they respond. Men are like Blackberries, rub
   one ball and everything moves.

10. Every day my heart breaks a little more, tears gather at just the mention
    of  your name. I will never forget the love and comfort you gave me in
    times of need.

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About sharmakamal

I am kamal sharma.I graduated from AMITY university, Delhi which is among the top five universities.Singing and Swimming in the spare time are my favorite.
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